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    Thank you for requesting/thinking about joining =GGC=
    The format below is a rough outline of some information we require for you application into =GGC=
    Please note that we don't just accept anyone into our clan we require a standard and for this standard to be kept at all times, this includes following the rules and being open-minded to change within the servers at all times we require that you keep the servers populated to the best of your abilities and introduce new players to =GGC=

    This is one of the best Gun Game community's within this game and its still growing, We have only lasted this long due to our members and our players this is why we "VET" our clan members.

    If you feel this could be you then please copy and paste this format into a new post and the application will be reviewed.

    New Application Format to Join =GGC=!

    So plz fill this out and I will link to this thread in introductions from this point forward.

    "COPY & PASTE in your Application"
    • Name/Nickname/Online Handle (First name is ok):

    • Contact Info or Extra Contact Info (FB, twitter, myspace,etc....):

    • Where are you from/time zone:

    • Why would you like to join =GGC=:

    • How old are you:

    • Level of dedication:

    • Have you been banned b4, if yes plz explain:

    • Experience in other clans/attributes you may have:

    • Do you have anyone to vouch for you:

    • Who Referred you (So we know who to blame!):

    • Any other information plz provide it here:

    We will be reviewing this process and making any necessary changes as needed. If you have any ideas or would like to contribute plz message me here or on Steam.
    :) Thanks :)
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