Hello everyone

We have grown a lot since our first year of GGC (4 years strong now!!) but with growing comes a learning curve we moved to a dedicated server a few month's ago and its been hit and miss for a while with this host.

We have had connection issues and root access problem's so we have decided to take the time and effort to make another move to a different dedicated server.

We have spent hours researching for the best dedicated server for our buck we are having a major hardware upgrade and better services including a better localised datacenter housing the hardware which should help bring everyones connection better with less lag (Even my connection is better and im across the pond)

We are now at the point of finalising are agreement with the new hosts and will be making the move more than likley over the course of the next few days

So please bare with us if you can't connect to the GameServers/Forums

GGC is run on donations and if you want to help out our community then any donation is welcome no matter the size

Lets keep this community going for another 4 years
Hello, all! :cool:
As most of you are aware we have a dedicated machine we rent monthly and we can add quite a bit of new games within the server.
We here at =GGC= would like to know what type of Game(s) or mods would the community like to see put up?
Cono & I discussed several, such as CSS mods like Scout Knives, Zombie Cade/Scape, Elimination as well as a few CS:Go mods but not entirely sure. So we are asking our Community what games they think we should put up for our community to play on.
Plz put your idea(s) down below and if we get enough interest we'll look into setting up more games and or mods of particular games you all love to play or put a poll up once we have more suggestions.
We are mainly a CS:S clan but as with all things, we have to be open to change and grow/expand as needed.
So, plz let us know what you think by putting your comment downs below.

Thanks, everyone! :D
:cool: Draw for 2 Free Admins for 1 month! :cool:
Hello all, We haven't done this in quite some time and will be doing a draw for two free admins for one month!

  • Must be a =GGC= member
  • This is open to Reg admins & members only (Must be in the clan)
  • Only one entry
  • You must be over 16 years of age
  • Must be in good standing with the community
  • If you win you would have to agree to the rules of being an admin
All you have to do is put your name down and what would make you a good admin, that's it!
We will hold this draw for 5 days and will use an online randomizer to pick the winners!

Thank you for requesting/thinking about joining =GGC=
The format below is a rough outline of some information we require for you application into =GGC=
Please note that we don't just accept anyone into our clan we require a standard and for this standard to be kept at all times, this includes following the rules and being open-minded to change within the servers at all times we require that you keep the servers populated to the best of your abilities and introduce new players to =GGC=

This is one of the best Gun Game community's within this game and its still growing, We have only lasted this long due to our members and our players this is why we "VET" our clan members.

If you feel this could be you then please copy and paste this format into a new post and the application will be reviewed.

New Application Format to Join =GGC=!

So plz fill this out and I will link to this thread in introductions from this point forward.

"COPY & PASTE in your Application"
  • Name/Nickname/Online Handle (First name is ok):

  • Contact Info or Extra Contact Info (FB, twitter, myspace,etc....):

  • Where are you from/time zone:

  • Why would you like to join =GGC=:

  • How old are you:

  • Level of dedication:

  • Have you been banned b4, if yes plz explain:

  • Experience in other clans/attributes you may have:

  • Do you have anyone to vouch for you:

  • Who Referred you (So we know who to blame!):

  • Any other information plz provide it here:

We will be reviewing this process and making any necessary changes as needed. If you have any ideas or...​
I like to wish all of our members' wives, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters & aunts a happy mother's day and I hope you all made their day great! :)

Happy Mother's Day to @Sammie @Girlie! You guys are great mothers and deserve a day of rest, fun and to be spoiled, hope you guys are appreciated just as much as we appreciate you all here! :)
Ok, so we wanna update some new maps to our GunGame server and if anyone has some good ones they would like to see on the server please upload them here or give us the link! We'll try them out and see how they are and if they are fun & popular we'll keep them on! :)
I'd like to take this time to wish @FuzzyWuzzy all the best on getting hitched today! :)
Congrats buddy, enjoy your family and never take them for granted!

So on behalf of =GGC=, Congrats on this day to the new groom & bride Mr. & Mrs. K Taylor! :)
Thanks to @Cono for all his hard work, we appreciate it bro!


We will be working on bringing more games and will update the ip's once we get them set up & ready!

So, plz update your server list with this new ip!

Great job! :)

@Bearded Dragon
@Epic [Failz]
@DirtyHackAttack! =GGC=ᴬ

Advance Admin

:D 3 VS 3 GunGame Elimination!! :D

Ok, so it's time we get our Tourney's started again!
We aren't gonna limit this tourney to KDR's but we do require that 1 of the 3 must be a clan member!
For those who wanna partake in this weekend's tourney, you must sign up to the forums to be eligible to play.

Date: Feb 11, 2017
Time: 6 PM Eastern Time Sharp!
Prizes: Undecided other than BRAGGING RIGHTS!

  • Be in Good Standing with our Community
  • Must have a clean Vac Steam ID
  • Be a regular Player on our Server
  • Have to be signed up on our Forums
  • 1 of the 3 players must be a =GGC= Member
  • No Cheating of any kind, we will have 2 Ref's watching the game
  • We will have a Round Robin type of event so that each team can play every time at least 1x (We'll work out the schedule as soon as we know how many teams are signed up)
We will be picking approx. 6 small maps for this tournament!

As stated up above we will decide if we have a round robin type of tourney or just a simple bracket elimination tourney.
If you sign up plz make sure you are able to play/commit, though we should have players available if needed.

Any questions, concerns or comments plz post them below. :cool:

Plz, share this post with your friends. @ThatGuy can you plz post this in the steam groups?! THANKS!

@Cono @eZtarget @Alexandra @Liveeasy @Yuri @[B0ne.uk] @Weskawek @Bearded...